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How to give your web page a personal touch.

     Small Inns are known for personal attention, a quite and romantic get away which large hotels are unable to provide.  You're Bed and Breakfast is obviously not a large corporation, it is often a family owned business.   These Inns offer a tradition and history that intrigue their visitors or they are located near national parks, resorts, or other interesting attractions.  All important features, but the number one reason that customers give for why they like B&Bs over luxury hotels; the personal attention and the one-on-one relationship they get from the Innkeepers. 

      It is difficult for the Internet to capture this human hospitality but not impossible.  The fact is that 70% of all US households have Internet access and although most of your customers may be repeat customers or referral customers, many of your new customers can be enticed to your Inn if you know how.  Since your website gives a first impression it is essential to establish a personal touch.  A welcome which immediately shows your potential customers why their visit will be memorable and a visit that they will want to repeat.

      Pictures are known to be essential to a good web site and are required by customers who want to see a room before they book, but pictures can not convey enough personality.  The real secret is to introduce yourself in a video, show your visitors around the grounds and what several of your rooms look like.  Videos are hypnotic and most viewers will watch the entire clip.

      Putting a Video on your website is much easier today because of services like    If you own a camcorder and a way to get these movies onto your computer then you already have all the tools you need.

    Here is an example of a B&B movie that we found on YourTube.Com for you to see just how effective this technology is in making your website very personal.

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