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Anand Systems Inc.

ASI Front Desk - Hotel Motel, Property Management Software

Combined with ResMe.Com also owned by Anand Systems this mixed mode package starts for as little as $300 and charges a $5 per reservation commission.

A complete package from a large well established company, this system is a great solution for mid sized motels and hotels.  The front desk runs in Windows Only, sorry Apple, and features a six month free upgrade period.

The list of features is extensive and covers every aspect from billing, marketing, taxes, credit card processing, reports, house cleaning, inventory, door locks and more.  Expect to pay more than $300 for advanced features.  The user manual is very large and would require a training period to fully comprehend.

There is free email, fax and (business hours) phone service where the call is less than 60 minutes.  After hours or emergency phone calls are charge $35.  You are responsible for setup and backup operation on your local computer.

The ResMe.Com is sort of like a mini Travelocity where all participating motels and hotels are listed by country and state.  Presumably your web page can point directly to your hotel on this list but can not be integrated into your web page and there are no color, font, or presentation changes possible.  After reserving a room your customer is redirected back to your website.

 In summary this is a Cadillac front desk system and a clunky web reservation system.  

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