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Availability Online
Mixed Mode started 2002

AvailabilityOnline is a web only tool. They handle online reservations but have no management software component. You will not be using this product to manage your business; however, you can buy compatible software to use with them.

The cost is $65/year for basic or $140/year for premium – which is very well priced considering your customers will be able to reserve rooms online. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

If you are a very small Bed & Breakfast or Inn and you have an established book keeping and office management system then this might be just what you are looking for. They have a manual point and click control panel which is very easy to use even if you are a computer novice.

If you do not use one of the third party tools that can automatically keep your booking calendar updated, then you will have to do this by hand – so be careful not to over book. It can send faxes each time someone books a room, but if you work with agencies you will need to let them know.

It has one rather unique feature, called an Association Chart. In this one chart an entire association can list their condos or rentals on one page. It possible to match their site colors with yours. AvailabilityOnline automatically generates html code which you put on your site to link to and from the reservation pages that are hosted for you.

One nifty tool is the Pay Per Click code that you put on your web so Yahoo or Google can keep track of how many customers came from the search engine. Unlimited Email support is offered but the simplicity of this program suggests that you probably will need very little or no support.
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