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Windows® Based started 2002 
  • Auberge is easy to install and setup so you can immediately benefit from the powerful features.
  • Graphical reservation calendar highlights status of all rooms for given dates. You can specify daily, weekly, or monthly format.
  • Rooms can be identified by name or number or both.
  • Auberge automatically prevents double-bookings.
  • Copy and paste reservations for quick bookings and room splits.
  • Reservation information is entered logically yet flexibly.
  • Room or guest details are available at the click of a button.
  • Information for a repeat guest is automatically entered once the guest is selected from the previous customer list. Past room preferences and special interests are instantly available.
  • Confirmation letters, room invoices, housekeeping and occupancy reports, as well as tax summaries are automatically generated.
  • Seasonal rates define room rates based on time periods, midweek vs weekend, and discounts.
  • Commissions due to travel agents are tracked automatically.

      If you want to see how Auberge can help manage your reservations and invoices, and improve your guest satisfaction and return rate, you should call and request a free fully-functional demonstration disk. You can customize the demo program for your inn, and see what a productive tool it is. All your data will be preserved, if you then decide to purchase the program.

Auberge is sold on a site license basis. $395 (US dollars) per license  Minor upgrades free. They offer free technical support for 60 days after purchase.  After that you can still get free email support but phone support will cost you $1 per minute.

This looks like a robust system that is well tested and intuitive to use. It is a windows only system so that means you will not have any online presence and cannot take online reservations.

You can find online tools that will interface to their software if you need to add this capability, but remember that you must be sure they work together and it is up to you to make sure both are in sync so that no overbooking occurs.

If you presently do your entire office and front desk paperwork with a pen and paper then this would be a good baby step up. You do not need to learn the internet or even have a web page. You can learn that stuff later if you need to. They will help you get it set up on your computer for free and because it is a graphical program, with mostly pictures and buttons to click on, you do not need to know a lot about computer programs to start using it.

They say that this is a good program for any sized Inn, but lets face it, the big guys are all on the internet so this is really for you small 2 to 6 room country Inns with a fear of the internet. I am not saying that is a bad thing, I am just letting you see if you might want to demo this software or not.

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